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Prioritize societal impact

Social responsibility is part of our purpose at McMaster. We conduct research that advances society and contributes to the development of safe, smart and sustainable communities. We do this by following an approach to solving real-world problems that is community-based, working directly with communities.

We forge local partnerships to find solutions we can share globally.

As an example, McMaster has built a 30-year relationship based on community partnerships and research projects with Six Nations of the Grand River, the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation, and the Hamilton urban Native populations, resulting in several national and international Indigenous research initiatives.

Social Systems Evidence (SSE) is an example of how McMaster is aiming to advance society by making the best available synthesized evidence more accessible to all. It’s the most comprehensive, free access point for evidence on strengthening 20 government sectors and program areas and achieving the development goals. Information is updated in real time, as science changes – crucial for response to a crisis like Covid-19, where the data is constantly changing and being updated.

SSE includes the best available research on all 17 SDGs, and packages it in a way that can support researchers to:

  • Quickly find syntheses on the SDGs they’re focused on, as well as the programs and services that can help to achieve the SDGs
  • Identify gaps in evidence for a particular SDG or program and service that can help to achieve it.

It’s also helpful for funders to set national or international research priorities to help fill gaps in knowledge related to the SDGs.

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“SDG-targeted projects should lead to tangible societal impact, support collaboration with new external and internal partners, and foster potential for new innovations.”

Andrea Baumann, Associate Vice-President, Global Health and Director of the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre in Primary Care & Health Human Resources

Let’s meet the goals together