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Share knowledge and demonstrate thought leadership

The deadline to achieve the SDGs is a decade away – and the only way to get there is together. While institutions have their own competitive agendas, we need to remember we’re working towards the same goals. That means sharing information for the benefit of the greater global good.

McMaster is a leader in knowledge transfer, particularly in the area of copyrighted materials, entering into more license agreements annually than any other Canadian university.

Some ways to advance knowledge transfer and sharing of information:

  • Leverage open source publishing platforms, so other researchers and the general public can easily access the most current information and publish preliminary results to enhance the collaborative process along the way.
  • Research locally. Share globally. McMaster Optimal Aging Portal is one example of an internationally available information-sharing resource for citizens, clinicians, health care professionals and policymakers, offering the latest scientific evidence on aging and health care for seniors.
  • Recognize and reward knowledge transfer activities and impacts (commercialization or public policy improvements, for example) in tenure, promotion and annual performance reviews.
  • Support effective knowledge and technology transfer between researchers and their industry, government and community partners.

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Let’s meet the goals together